On the big screen by Gavin Miller

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Our resident film expert Gavin Miller previews the latest blockbuster movie releases coming out for Easter.

GI JOE: RETALIATION (12A): The lacklustre original didn’t seem to win many critical admirers, but it took enough box-office wonga for Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis to jump on board for the sequel. It was even delayed from last summer to cash-in on a 3D conversion as they join Channing Tatum’s Duke to take on their mortal enemy COBRA, who have infiltrated the government.

TRANCE (15): James McAvoy returns for his second thriller in three weeks – starring in director Danny Boyle’s latest attempt to add to his burgeoning CV of masterpieces. He stars as fine art auctioneer, who teams up with a criminal gang to steal a painting worth millions of dollars – only to forget where he hid the painting after taking a blow to the head. Co-stars Rosario Dawson (Sin City).

THE HOST (12A): The Twilight Saga scribe Stephanie Meyer converts another novel to the big-screen for another romance/adventure. When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by inhabiting human bodies and erasing their memories, Saoirse Ronan’s (The Lovely Bones) Melanie seems to hold the key to fighting this alien invader – and will risk everything to protect the ones she loves.

FINDING NEMO 3D (U): After Monsters Inc received the 3D treatment in January, Nemo and co are the latest to get taken to another dimension with this Disney re-release. To be fair, it is arguably one of the most appropriate Pixar films to get the upgrade, with it’s spectacular sea-setting . . . and of course, Bruce the shark. It’s just astonishing its already been ten years since the little clownfish got lost first time round.