Oh vicar, for heaven’s sake cut your hedge

Vicarage neighbour Margaret Wing (84) dwarfed by foliage.
Vicarage neighbour Margaret Wing (84) dwarfed by foliage.
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A WHAPLODE Drove pensioner was beginning to think she needed a miracle to get the vicar next door to cut his 15ft hedge.

Margaret Wing (84), of Chapel Gate, hasn’t been able to do any gardening since breast cancer eight years ago affected the use of her left hand.

Still fighting cancer of the spine and walking with a zimmer frame, she said: “The last straw was when the hedge started to wrap itself around my front gate.

“I’ve asked so many times for the hedge to be cut and I just knew I needed to get help.

“I’m at the end of my tether.”

The hedge separates her home from the vicarage of St John the Baptist Church, currently the home of the Rev Richard Morrison.

Mrs Wing said she has lived in her home for 50 years and brought her family up there. Her husband, Harold, died six years ago.

She said: “There have been ten vicars while I have lived here and all of the others did their own gardens and cut the hedge.

“I used to have a lovely view down Broadgate and could watch my children come home after school. Now all I see is a green wall.

“In the afternoon, it is so dark in my kitchen I have to switch the light on.

“I’ve spoken to the vicar, contacted the Diocese of Lincoln and spoken to the parish council, who said they couldn’t help me.

“Sometimes I think they think I’m a woman and at my age I won’t be here much longer. But I’m not planning on going anywhere.”

Mr Morrison said he has been in touch with his gardener at Hurdletree Nursery to take a look at the hedge when next he visits.

He said: “There is an open invitation for Mrs Wing to talk about any of her concerns to my gardener when he is here, as she has done so in the past.

“The hedge is very high, but there are also problems with some of the sycamore trees along it. Some now have preservation orders on them.

“We will continue to do what we can to help, but there are limits to what we can do – and some of them are legal.”