Parish council money NOT used to brighten town with baskets

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In response to the letter in the Spalding Guardian on Thursday regarding Holbeach Parish Council and Pride in Holbeach.

As treasurer of Pride in Holbeach, I can assure the letter writer that parish council money has NOT been used to provide hanging baskets for the businesses in town.

The property owners have purchased the baskets themselves in attempt to brighten up the town.

Money is put aside by the parish council to plant up the areas of Holbeach owned and maintained by them, namely the area known as the Beacon at the top of Wignals Gate, Stukeley Gardens and the closed churchyard.

All the other planters on display are there because of the kind donations given by businesses and individuals who did not want a basket but wanted to help in other ways.

The cost of the plants and the majority of maintenance are also covered by our sponsorship.

I can also assure the writer that Pride in Holbeach and the parish council are run as two entirely separate entities.

The person who “tarted up” the old watchmaker’s shop did so in her own time, not as a parish councillor but as a caring resident who wanted to see an improvement to the shop front.

The same goes for all the other volunteers; some may be parish councillors, but everyone did the work because they wanted to see Holbeach looking its best for the Britain in Bloom judges, not because they were trying to impress Joe Public.

Perhaps the writer would like to join either the parish council or Pride in Holbeach to see just how much free time is given up.

As for the comments made about the tenders received for the demolition of the Jubilee Shelter, if he would care to give up some of his spare time to come to parish council meetings, he would know exactly how the council was run.


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