LETTER: We’re all part of the United States of Europe, without a referendum

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Mr Hutchinson’s question posed to local MP John Hayes about reneging on continued EU membership (Lincs Free Press, August 23) has intrigued me.

I once heard a politician on a recent Radio 4 morning news programme refer to the ‘European Government’.

Assuming it’s true, then we will not get a vote as a deal appears to already have been struck in Brussels whereby all member nations will be part of the United States of Europe.

Prime Minster Cameron would simply be re-titled ‘State Governor of the UK’ (ie State Govenor Cameron) and our once-mighty Houses Of Parliament and Lords will be nothing more than senates with few powers, having given them all away to the European Government and thus best abolished.

In other words, a glorified county council.

The consequences for Lincolnshire taxpayers and businesses are already dire.

Whatever the percentage Lincolnshire pays, the whole UK pays in say £50 billion a year for the European Government to squander.

That £50b should not be paid to the European Government and instead be used to cut taxation for businesses and taxpayers alike, especially in rural communities across Lincolnshire.

This new money would mean better investment in new business and better wages for people who run them and who are employed by them.

Mr Hutchinson will not get a straight answer to his question to Mr Hayes.

When UK politicians already refer to the European Government, there is little point in asking Mr Hayes’ opinion about a referendum.

The decisions of 650 assorted MPs riding roughshod over the UK population of 60-odd million souls appears to have already been made behind closed doors.

It was no different under New Labour, and it will be no different under this lot.

Little has changed since the early 1970s – some 40 years ago almost – when Ted Heath took us into the European Economic Community – then minus the words political and government.

It’s all been done and dusted sadly. No political party will grant you a referendum because they know what the outcome will be – overwhelmingly to pull the plug on our continuing EU membership.

We’re too far into it and what Europe couldn’t get during centuries of wars and battles against us, they got from the ink in a pen when someone signed away the rights of every man, woman and child back in the 1970s.

I do of course wait with baited breath for Mr Hayes’ reply to Mr Hutchinson’s letter.

Alan Long

St Thomas’ Road