LETTER: Village traveller sites are no more than 600 yards from each other

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I would like to point out an inaccuracy in your front page article “Gypsies’ Lives Left in Limbo.”

There are, in fact, three traveller sites in Gosberton Clough. These are in Broad Drove, Short Drove and Beck Bank.

Each one is no more than 600 yards from the other. In fact they form an almost equal sided triangle (in contrast to your wording... “a couple of miles away”).

I also have a couple of other comments on the matter:

Two of the sites do not have planning permission. None have sought planning permission before moving on and developing.

I would like like to take issue with Paul Jackson’s suggestion that each application should be considered separately from others.

Surely if a school, a road or housing were to be sought, planning permission for, the cumulative impact of similar nearby developments would be taken into consideration. Surely, this should apply to traveller sites.

I have recently corresponded with South Holland District Council, who still have no idea when the illegal sites are to be replaced with one provided by the council themselves.

After over seven years I cannot help but think the Second World War was fought and won in less time.

John Neville

Broad Drove

Gosberton Clough