LETTER: EU has brought peace for six decades

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WHEN I first read Alan Long’s letter (Spalding Guardian, September 1) I assumed he was being ironic, but I am writing this letter in case he was being serious.

Mr Long uses facts very selectively: he points out that we pay £50billion a year to the EU.

He does not mention that we get £46billion back in one way or another.

Why is there a deficit? Because we are better off than some members of the EU.

Before Mr Long howls in protest, I would like to point out that we run our own society along the same principles: some of us pay taxes so that those who are unable to work do not starve.

Mr Long is slightly disingenuous too.

I voted in the original referendum, and at the time it was perfectly clear to any intelligent, well-informed citizen that we were voting for a gradual evolution towards political union.

You can’t keep having a referendum just because you lost the first one, Mr Long.

It is important to see the big picture.

Western Europe was ravaged by wars for seven centuries.

The EU has brought peace to western Europe for six whole decades – I think that is a price worth paying.


Shearers Drive