LETTER: Change is very disturbing for the elderly

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Regarding the imminent closure of Halmer Grange care home.

I am getting rather tired of hearing Richard Collins’ (head of commissioning for adult social care) comment that he’ll provide “those in need of care a greater range of choice elsewhere”.

Does he not realise that change is very disturbing for the elderly? They do not want a range of choice. They want to go to a caring home where they feel comfortable and cared for, where the staff go that one step further to make them feel wanted in surroundings that are friendly and familiar to them. Halmer Grange provides all of this and more.

My sister and myself – both pensioners ourselves – find ourselves in the unenviable position of finding alternative respite care for our 95-year-old mother.

We have tried phoning several care homes in our search for respite cover during October. All are very sorry, but they cannot guarantee that they’ll have a room available for the dates required.

We have finally managed to get her into Woodlands Court in Kirton. The home is comfortable and friendly but we would have preferred something nearer to home or, better still, Halmer Grange to remain open.

Finally, I wish the staff of Halmer Grange all the best for the future.