Is excluding the public from meeting really open democracy at work?

Red Lion Quarter, Spalding
Red Lion Quarter, Spalding

SOUTH Holland District Council’s handling of the Red Lion Quarter and the travellers’ site is to be discussed at its next cabinet meeting, with the exclusion of the public.

The agenda will exclude the public after the first ten items have been dealt with.

I list below the agenda items to be “behind closed doors”.

nRed Lion Quarter – this report contains the findings from an investigative review of the operation of the Red Lion Quarter in Spalding.

It provides a range of options for the council to consider for both the short and long term operation of the centre.

nLand off A151 at Holbeach – traveller site.

To seek agreement/approval to settlement of purchase money and compensation payable to freeholder.

I think these items should be open to scrutiny, as it’s all public money.

Is it open democracy at work?

Simon Burton

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