Four kestrel manoeuvres in the dark...

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about four weeks ago we noticed a barn owl flying out of an old piece of heating ducting in the top of one of our open sheds on the farm where I work at Whaplode Drove.

When we looked, to our great delight, we saw four owlets and after two weeks Nicholas Watts, the Deeping St Nicholas farmer and conservationist – a friend of my employer – came to ring them.

He then decided to look in the three boxes we have on the farm and he discovered in one three more and in the second four more – making 11 in all.

The third box contained four kestrel chicks... and only this week we have seen two lots of little owls and their broods all within a radius of no more than half a mile.

Mr Watts said that at Deeping they have only one per box so there must be enough food for all ours. So can anyone beat us?

trevor taylor


Whaplode Drove