Flowers are a very small part of the Pride in Holbeach agenda

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How sad that a reader has to question the ethics behind Pride in Holbeach.

Just for the record I would like him to know we are a group of volunteers made up of councillors and the general public who have pride and respect for the environment in which we live.

We do not do it to impress Joe Public. We do it to make Holbeach a more pleasant place.

The councillor who made the “old watchmaker’s shed” into a place to smile at and not to frown upon was kind enough to do so in her own time and I am sure it wasn’t done just to impress the judges but for all Holbeach residents.

Another spends endless hours sweeping and tidying the streets. They certainly do not care more about flowers than people.

Open your eyes. This is all just part of the bigger picture.

Perhaps you should go to some parish council meetings – any comments you then make would be educated ones.

I can assure you flowers are a very small part of the agenda.

The hanging baskets are self-funding and my husband and myself grew all the plants in our own glasshouse, paying for heating costs personally and looking after the plants in our own time to keep those costs “zero” to anyone else.

We do much watering and maintenance voluntarily and if your letter writer would like to come and help, instead of looking upon efforts with criticism, he will see for himself how many plants we have and their origins etc.

Holbeach Parish Council is no different to any other in respect of its commitment to making the town more attractive and no different to any other in the way it provides funding to plant up its own amenity areas.

I have spoken with many members of the public and I can assure you the majority agree.

So, I am afraid the letter writer and his opinions are in the minority.

Loraine Walker

Holbeach in Pride

committee member

Park Bungalow