Objections to dead-end road being closed to the public

A DOG walker who says he has used the same road between Cowbit and Crowland for about 35 years believes it should remain open to the public.

Lincolnshire County Council is in the process of “stopping up” Whipchicken Lane, which became a dead end when the new A16 was built, so it will no longer be a maintainable public highway.

However, Anthony Barrand (70), from Eye, says it has been blocked off illegally several times and is now closed because of a hole in the road. “I do not believe this should be done,” he said.

A spokesman for the county’s highways department said: “Following completion of some essential maintenance works to a culvert, we received a report that the road was still closed. Upon inspection we found that the road was open and all signage had been removed to the verge.

“However, our highways officer noticed that there was a cavity under the carriageway and made a decision to close the road as an emergency, on safety grounds. Along with a number of similar small roads in the area, this is no longer a through route due to the opening of the new A16.

“In consultation with landowners we have started the necessary legal procedures to apply to have these dead ends ‘stopped up’, thus preventing ongoing maintenance costs to the public purse.”