No snow, but beware frosts

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GET ready for the Big Freeze as forecasters say it could hit South Holland as soon as early October.

With night-time temperatures expected to plummet below freezing resulting in overnight frosts, it looks as though winter is coming early.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as there is no suggestion we will get the sprinkling of snow forecast for other areas of the UK throughout October.

South Holland will probably have to wait until November for the white stuff, when forecasters are predicting widespread snow.

Deeping St Nicholas farmer Nicholas Watts, who has kept written records of the weather since 1970 said frosts in the early part of October are uncommon.

The lowest temperature he has recorded for the month was on October 29, 2008, when it sank to -4C.

The earliest snowfall was in 1964, when snow fell on November 3.

He said: “We have had frosts in October. They are not unheard of, but they are not common either.

“I remember in 1964 still having three acres of potatoes in the ground when we had a frost in October.”

The Met Office says it no longer prepares a seasonal forecast, but said there is no snow expected within the next 30 days.

Spokesman Alison Richards said: “Our 30-day outlook is updated everyday and currently there is no indication there will snow up until then, but there could be colder than average temperatures at night.

“But we will also see sunnier spells during the day.”

However Alison did say it is never too early to be prepared for winter.

Lincolnshire County Council has already taken delivery of tonnes of gritting salt and workshops are due to be held next month with parish councils to find out what resources are available locally to deal with extreme bad weather.

Winter maintenance engineer Darrell Redford said: “Preparing for winter is an all year round activity for us.”