No lights – fantastic!

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Angel winged her way to work yesterday with ease because the Station Street/Winsover Road traffic lights had failed. How nice it would be if travelling to work was this easy all the time.

l How wonderful to see the once derelict pub along Commercial Road transformed and open again as a rather smart looking pub, The Moorings. Angel and ‘im indoors’ may moor up there one of these evenings.

l Angel was rather surprised to see someone (presumably employed by the district council to help with litter bin emptying in Spalding as he appeared to be doing just that) kick a couple of cans into the river the other day. Surely it wouldn’t have taken too much effort to simply pick up the cans and include them in the black bag taken from the bin.

l Having had a busy week Angel decided to order her shopping online and have it delivered to her home.

She ordered some diced chicken to make a curry for tea but when the order arrived, there was no chicken!

When questioned, the driver agreed that, unless there was no chicken at all in the store, there must have been something suitable to substitute and he couldn’t understand why it had happened.

A call to customer services resulted in an apology and a refund of the £4 delivery charge and Angel managed to cobble something together for tea – so all’s well that ends well!

l It’s that time of the year and Angel is busy deciding whether to buy a real Christmas tree for her new pad or an artificial one. Trying to get the needles out of the carpet is always a nightmare but nothing makes you feel quite as festive than the smell of a real tree. 
Of course, the height of the tree will be Angel’s next big decision because the last thing she needs is a Christmas headache from just sitting on top. Let’s leave that one for the office party!

l Angel had promised herself a fast food treat with a quick call to McDonalds in Spalding on Tuesday teatime but the restaurant was in darkness and there were cones spread across the entrance. An employee was on the spot to explain the water was off.

Apparently the water was off for 45 minutes and restaurants are not allowed to remain open when they are 

Angel’s chubby hips heaved a sigh of relief!

l Angel has her own take on germ warfare: it involves tackling shop assistants who insist on licking their fingers in order to open plastic bags. That means they have oodles of semi-dried spit on their hands when they touch every item of your food shopping. Angel tackled a store manager who said: “I do that myself.”

But he fell quiet when Angel told him: “You shouldn’t – it’s a very dirty habit.”