No excuse not to be ready for new law

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by Vetsavers of St Thomas’ Road, Spalding

When someone popped into Vetsavers and said there were two dogs running loose our hearts sunk - it’s such a busy road.

But as luck would have it they made their way into our car park and so we were able to get them to safety inside.

Catching them was one thing, but would we be able to find out who the owners were?

We scanned them to see if they were ID chipped and, bravo to their owners, they were.

The owners were naturally delighted and we gave the dogs some food and water and settled them into a kennel until we could reunite them.

You may recall that in early February I wrote a column on the importance of having your pet ID chipped – this is why I wrote it.

Had they not been ID chipped it could have been another ending to this story.

We would have had no alternative, but to contact the local dog warden who would have come out and collected them and placed them into the pound in the hope that their owner would have contacted them.

If not, the two dogs could potentially have ended up in kennels waiting to be re­homed.

Both these dogs, although lovely in nature were older dogs and so re­homing may have proved a little difficult.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having your dog ID chipped.

Whilst we appreciate that not everyone has the funds for this, the cost in comparison to the heartache felt both by you the owner and the dog itself is nothing in comparison.

Which is why, from today (Tuesday) we will be doing free ID chips for dogs. This offer of help has been bought to you in conjunction with the Dogs Trust and Vetsavers will be running this campaign for a year, in readiness for 2016 when it will be illegal to own a dog that is not ID chipped.

This week’s question comes from Maureen MacDonald, whose dog bolted from the park when a low flying jet flew overhead. Now Mrs MacDonald can’t get her dog out to walk without shaking or hiding at any opportunity.

Answer: These low flying air craft are an absolute hazard, In November 2003 there was a case when a dog leapt out of a window sustaining damage to itself after a low flying jet startled her.

Persevere - this is going to be hard but you want her to be able to enjoy the great outdoors. The damage is not too far gone as you say she will still get in a car. She is finding safety and security in the dogs at training class so it would be advantageous to her if you could pair up with other dog owners for routine walks.