No backing down in fight over potholes

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A frustrated motorist from Sutton Bridge is to fight on in his bid for compensation after claiming that potholes caused damage to his car.

David Pentney (48) has had to pay out about £200 for new tyres and wheel tracking on his Ford Focus which he believes was caused by potholes on Dockings Holt, Long Sutton, where he works for coach firm Tydd Travel.

Lincolnshire County Council has so far refused to accept responsibility for the problem but David intends to go back to them with photographs of the damage caused.

“Last August, I realised my car had to have all four wheels tracked,” David said.

“When the repair man put my car on the tracker, they couldn’t believe how far wide the wheels were and they told me that about 80 per cent of the tracking problem was caused by the road.

“I had to have two new tyres put on my car and since August, I had to have the other two tyres done.

“When I took my car to the garage, they found all sorts of material in the tyres which the repair man said were from the potholes on Dockings Holt.”

David claimed one of his workmates also had to have a new tyre on his BMW because of damage caused by potholes, while a woman living nearby had a broken spring on her car.

“One of our buses has had its shock absorber damaged and I think it happened because it was going up and down the road,” David said.

“Dockings Holt is a busy road for us because we have six buses going out in the morning and six coming back in the evenings.

“I fear it won’t be long before the call comes in that one of them has been damaged because of potholes.”

The condition of Dockings Holt was highlighted by our sister paper, the Spalding Guardian, last December when it was revealed that the county council had paid out about £90,000 in compensation for damages caused by potholes between January 2012 and August 2013.

David said: “The council has denied liability in my case because I didn’t have proof of the damage.

“But it’s still ongoing as I’m up and down Dockings Holt for five days a week and at weekends.

“The road needs the top taking off it and then a complete resurfacing, but I don’t think the council is very understanding and realises the full picture.

“I’ve paid out about £200 for tyre repairs and I can’t afford to keep paying out, so I don’t want to back down on getting some compensation.”




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