New Tulip Queen will be the star of next year’s Pumpkin Parade

THE QUEEN:  Inca Honor in the Pumpkin Parade 2013. SG111013-166TW
THE QUEEN: Inca Honor in the Pumpkin Parade 2013. SG111013-166TW
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Friday saw hundreds of 
people in Spalding to enjoy the Pumpkin Festival and the Pumpkin Parade – and next year you could be part of the parade.

The search is ongoing to find our Tulip Queen – a new ambassador for South Holland – who, as part of her duties, will feature in the Pumpkin Parade 2015.

Jan Whitbourn, from 
organisers Tulip Radio, said: “This is an amazing opportunity for one young lady from our area to be an ambassador – it is such an exciting thing to do.

“This lady will be a real VIP and will have so many 
interesting events to go to and be involved in.

“There are all sorts of things going on in South Holland and this one lucky lady will be invited to them all.”

The Pumpkin Parade will be one of many events that the Tulip Queen will attend.

The Christmas Light Switch On in Spalding, on Friday, November 28, will be her first official engagement, where she will turn on the lights in the town with Santa.

The Tulip Queen will also win lots of prizes from local businesses, including a dress worth £400 from Fancy Frox, a makeover and day dress from Hills Department Store, a beauty package worth £200 from Stands of Spalding salon and spa and a VIP package from Loaded Nightclub.

Jan said: “The Christmas light switch on will be anamazing thing to be part of – it will be wonderful – and the adrenaline rush that lady will get when she is being whisked away to have her make-up done and her dress fitted before the light switch on will be incredible.”

The role of Tulip Queen will be an important job, but one that also gives one lady the chance to attend several glamorous and exciting events, such as Tulipmania and the People’s Parade, as well as several openings of businesses, fetes, carnivals and luncheons.

Speaking about her time as Flower Queen and the events she went along to, Inca Honor said: “I did the Christmas light switch-on last year and it was so special.

“Events like that and the Pumpkin Parade will stay with me for life because they meant so much.”

The new ambassador for our area needs to be confident, have a shining personality and should have a good knowledge of the area that they will be representing.

Jan Whitbourn said: “Not only will it be an exciting year, it will also be an amazing thing to put on your CV – it is a real opportunity so I really hope the ladies of South Holland grab it.”

Entrants must be over 17, and forms are available at the Free Press, Tulip Radio and Loaded Nightclub.

l The Christmas light switch on will also feature the School Choir Competition, with total prizes of £2,500.

For more information, call Tulip Radio on 01775 712400.