New fitness craze comes to Spalding

YOU’VE probably heard of Zumba but have you heard of Bokwa Fitness?

Bokwa is the newest dance fitness craze that has taken over America and is now here to sweep the UK into shape.

Polka Dot Academy, Spalding will be holding classes in this new exercise dance class that combines cardio conditioning, strength training and flexibility. Furthermore, it integrates customary African dance with boxing manoeuvres. The name came from a combination of two other words; “Bo” stands for light boxing and “KWA” symbolises the traditional dance Kwaito.

Bokwa Fitness is for everyone, the steps are specially designed using numbers, letters and words. While Bokwa is a challenging workout, it can be adjusted for anyone at any fitness level.

Do you want an intense workout with African, Latin and trendy House and dance beats? Do you want a fun workout that is completely different than anything you’ve ever tried before? Are you aiming to lose or maintain weight? If so, why not try Bokwa Fitness - take yourself, some water and a towel and prepare to dance (and laugh) yourself into shape.

Sessions take place at Polka Dot Academy, Spalding on Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm and Thursdays 7.30pm to 8.30pm, adults only £3 per session.