New community sergeant ready for rural challenges

Spalding’s new community beat sergeant sees his new rural role as just as demanding as when he was investigating murders in the county’s major crime unit.

Day three and Sgt Paul Coleman’s feet are firmly under his desk at the station in Westlode Street – and he’s raring to get out into the country to do his job.

Ten years ago he was starting his career in Spalding – at the place he fondly refers to as his “home station”.

It’s also the town he fell in love with when he visited it with his future wife and they sat having a drink along the river bank.

Sgt Coleman (40) said: “I’m asked ‘why come here?’ after some of the major cases I have worked on in other parts of the county.

“But I’m exactly where I want to be. Spalding police are highly regarded in the force.

“Some of my most memorable times were here and I’m really glad to be back.”

It was at the beginning of his career in Spalding that he earned a judge’s commendation for his work in a lengthy investigation into a £80,000 fraud case.

He said: “It nearly cost the victim his livelihood as well as his home.

“When the people responsible were brought to justice it was a great day. That’s why I’m in the job.”

His journey back to Spalding follows being a detective constable in Grantham, working for the Lincolnshire Major Crime unit based in Sleaford, acting temporary detective sergeant in Boston and response sergeant for Bourne and Stamford.

But he insists he will not find his work in the rural community – from Donington to Crowland and everything inbetween – dull.

He said: “Things happen in rural communities like everywhere else and matter to people just as much. Our job is to be there for them.”