Neighbours in fight to protect town car wash

Mohamad Soucho runs Town Hand Car Wash in Double Street, Spalding.
Mohamad Soucho runs Town Hand Car Wash in Double Street, Spalding.
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People living near a Spalding car wash have raised an 80-name petition to save it from being closed down.

Neighbours deny there is a nuisance problem caused by Town Hand Car Wash in Double Street run for the past two years by Mohamed Soucho (38).

South Holland District Council granted temporary planning permission for the business in January 2014 which ran out 12 months later.

But an application for the car wash to stay was turned down last December due to problems with spray and water coming from cars as they are washed and rinsed.

Mr Soucho, who came to the UK from Kurdistan in 2002, said: “I spent £9,500 on a new roof so there would be no problems for my neighbours.

“I’ve had letters from them saying that I look after the area, help people by keeping an eye on their homes while they are at work and they are happy with me.”

Mr Soucho added that four people would lose their jobs if he was forced to close the car wash.

Christopher Thompson (66), of Double Street, said: “The people who run the car wash come from an oppressed part of the world, but they are very pleasant, very respectable and very hard-working.

“None of us living in Double Street have any complaints about them and they are valuable members of the neighbourhood.”