Nasty shock for Sophie on night out in city

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A Holbeach woman has spoken of her shock at stumbling across a nasty assault in the early hours of the morning.

Sophie Bailey (22) was walking towards Peterborough city centre with friend Nathan Nightingale when she saw the man lying in a pool of blood as she passed an alleyway.

The man, believed to be Polish and in his early 20s, was rushed to hospital with his eye “hanging out”.

Miss Bailey said: “He was lying on the floor knocked out, with his eye hanging out and blood everywhere.

“It was down an alleyway so I didn’t get a good look at it, but I think it was two men fighting with two other men.

“They were shouting at each other, in Polish I think.

“I shouted ‘oh my God’, and then they all ran away, but the injured guy was lying on the floor.

“He had blood all over his eye and it looked like he fractured the top and the bottom of his eye socket.

“We called for an ambulance and by the time it arrived he was conscious and able to stand up. They took him to hospital.

“I never walk down the alleyway, and especially wouldn’t now – it is dark and is obviously dangerous.”

The attack happened between Northminster and Cattle Market Road early on Friday morning.

The man is believed to have sustained a fractured eye socket.

Cambridgeshire police are investigating the incident.