Mystery lights could have been lanterns

The mystery lights seen over Donington on Christmas Day are thought to have been Chinese lanterns – although others who saw them are not convinced.

Jodie Collier, who was visiting her mum in Station Street, let a lantern off at 7pm which a friend had bought as a gift for her.

The lantern went high into the sky and hovered.

Surfleet woman Alison Atkinson also let three off at her home in Thary Lane, Surfleet, at around 7pm and said their orange lights could be seen for some time.

Becky Stevens, of Malvern Way, Spalding, said her family received lanterns as Christmas presents and let them off around the same time.

She said they have a distinctive orange light, which took about 15 minutes to disappear and may have been what the Donington couple featured in the paper spotted.

But Wainfleet mayor and former policeman Mike Chiappini, who was visiting his sister in Donington, saw the light and is not convinced it was a lantern.

He said it seemed to be about a foot round and was in the distance, meaning it could have been a lot bigger.

He added that he knew the light was not a military craft as they do not fly on Christmas Day but wondered if it was the air ambulance.

Another reader said she saw an orange light on Christmas Eve.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she and a group saw an orange or red light in the sky above Bourne Road, Spalding, at 9pm. She joked to her children it was Father Christmas and Rudolph delivering presents but was unable to identify what it was, adding it was not a plane or helicopter.

Dorothy Keeble, of Moulton Seas End, saw a moving red light in the sky above Woolram Wygate, Spalding, when she was with her grandchildren at 8.30pm on Christmas Eve.

She said: "We thought it was Father Christmas's sledge!"

Holbeach resident Tony Baker saw lights in the sky on New Year's Eve and last Tuesday evening. He was told they could be Chinese lanterns but thinks they were too high.

Andrew Waterfall, from Pinchbeck, was travelling along West Elloe Avenue, Spalding, at 9.30pm on Christmas Day when he saw the mystery light.

He said: "It was moving from east to west. It was in the sky for a couple of minutes and then suddenly disappeared up through the clouds."

Richard Rowell and his wife Marilyn saw a light in the sky at 6pm on January 3 as they travelled from their Pinchbeck home into Spalding.

Mr Rowell described it as a "flame in the sky" and said people had reported seeing something similar a few hours later when a wind turbine was damaged near Louth.

He said: "I'm not saying it was connected. I am not saying it's a UFO or anything like that.

"We thought it was a plane on fire at first."

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