Mum’s plea for path takes step forward

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A MUM says she feels more positive that action will be taken to improve safety outside her home after a site visit by a highways officer.

Dawn Adams has been fighting for three years to have a footpath or traffic calming measures installed in Seas End Road after witnessing a number of near misses between pedestrians and cars.

In February she returned home from posting letters calling for something to be done to find a lorry had ploughed into her garden where hours earlier her daughters had been building snowmen.

As a result of her letter, Lincolnshire County Council’s area highways manager Jonathan Pearson met Mrs Adams outside her home to see for himself the dangers.

Mrs Adams said: “In all the years I’ve been campaigning for this, this was the first time anyone had been out to see the issues for themselves.

“I think Mr Pearson was surprised about how much traffic uses the road and he said he felt highways perhaps could do more than they have been doing.

“It was a very positive meeting and I feel more hopeful now that we may be getting somewhere and may get something done.”

Mrs Adams says Mr Pearson has promised to look at three possible courses of action which could see an end to the traffic dangers posed on the blind bend which is currently without a footpath.

These include reassessing how high a priority it is to provide a new footpath and the possibility of new traffic calming measures, such as speed limits painted on the road or interactive speed warning signs.

He has also promised to look into whether or not there was a condition imposed on the developer who built Mrs Adams’ and neighbours’ homes to provide a footpath that may never have been enforced.

If so, it could mean the developer would have to provide funding towards the project which would boost the chances of it getting done.

Mr Pearson said: “It was a positive meeting and I am now looking at what we can do and hope to get back to Mrs Adams with some positive news in a couple of weeks.”