More of the same but top class

Trials Fusion ANL-140605-115610001
Trials Fusion ANL-140605-115610001

Game Review: Trials: Fusion (X One/PS4/PC)

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This gloriously high-def sequel to the critically-acclaimed downloadable games Trials HD and Trials Evolution – two of the best-selling games ever on XBLA – finally gets a brand new world for next-gen consoles.

Now you can master crazy motorbike trickery throughout a futuristic high-tech world of platform-racing challenges and obstacle-laden courses in both single and multiplayer – that is every bit as engrossing as the original games.

Despite it generally being ‘more of the same’ – with a touch of level design tedium filtering in later on – this is top-class stuff that fans should undoubtedly lap-up, particularly at a lower RRP.

Rating: 4/5