Man hid from police behind a garden tree

Police were called after a man stole property from three cars and found him hiding behind a garden tree in another street.

Tomas Lazdauskas (26) was caught in the act by a resident in Spalding’s Halmer Gardens who was at home at 10.30pm on December 2 when he saw his car door open and the vehicle’s interior light come on.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said the man shouted: “What are you doing?”.

Lazdauskas ran off and the man gave chase.

Miss Stace said Lazdauskas stumbled, leaving items behind, and the resident called police.

Officers arrested Lazdauskas in Cley Hall Drive, where he was hiding behind a tree on the driveway at a house.

Lazdauskas, of Lancelot Way, Spalding, pleaded guilty to stealing property including a tax disc, golf shoes and bowls from a car on Halmergate, belonging to Oliver Hewitt, guilty to stealing property including a sat-nav, saw and two toolboxes from a car on Halmer Gardens, belonging to Marcin Sobiepan, and guilty to stealing property including a pushchair, sunglasses and sat-nav from a second car on Halmer Gardens, belonging to Andrew Laithwaite.

Spalding magistrates on Thursday adjourned sentence to January 17 for a probation report.

Miss Stace said Lazdauskas told police he had been watching films and then decided to go to a friend’s.

He couldn’t find his friend but saw an open car door and got inside.

Lazdauskas told magistrates: “I would like to apologise for everything. I am very embarrassed. I will never do this ever again.”

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