Mad About Make-Up: Putting fake tan to the test

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Aspiring journalist Emily Whitfield (18) will be supplying a regular column for Spalding Today on her favourite topic - make up.

Her first column offers advice on how to achieve the perfect fake tan.

Over the last year I’ve tried three different self-tanning for one that looks natural and doesn’t streak or put orange blotches on my body.

The first was Dove Summer Glow Moisturiser.

It smelled nice as I put it on and didn’t leave streaks on me, however as it was only a tinted moisturiser I found that I barely noticed a change unless I actually put the cream on three times before going to bed and then let it develop overnight, which unfortunately left me with orange elbows and knees.

The next product that I used was the St Tropez gradual tanning cream (light/medium) and I found that this was much better quality.

£15 on one 200ml bottle of product was a splurge but I wanted to find the perfect brand.

This decision was a good one – I only had to apply the tan once and let it develop overnight and the result was great; I was naturally-looking tanned.

I used St Tropez for a while before deciding that I couldn’t afford the product.

I changed to a mousse next to avoid more orange hands and elbows.

St Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse (medium) went on very easily with a tanning mitt and the colour was instant.

I found that leaving it to develop for a couple of hours then showering it off and sleeping on it produced the best results.

St Moriz is the product that I am using now, and have been for the last six months.

It is just a fraction of the price of St Tropez and it works almost as well.

It’s perfect for a quick-fix tan just before going out as well as the colour goes on instantly.