‘Lost puppy is breaking our hearts’

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A Spalding family is frantic with worry because a puppy that was bought for a nine-year-old girl after her mum died has gone missing.

Cherry, the 18-month-old brown and tan wire haired border terrier, has been a treasured companion for Maddi Dring since the tragic death of her mum, Andrea, from cancer.

On Tuesday teatime, Cherry was let out into the garden of their home in Glenside South, West Pinchbeck, but somehow managed to escape. Grandma Maxine Dring said: “We’re all frantic with worry. I’m not really a dog person, but I love that little dog.

“She was bought for Maddi when her mum died and she’s a member of the family now.

“Maddi has been so upset since she went missing, as you would expect. It’s ruined our Christmas.

“If Cherry had been run over it would have been hard, but it’s the not knowing that is breaking our hearts. I’ve been sick with worry.

“She’s such a friendly little thing and always snuggles up on her belly when she meets someone new.

“That’s why I’m afraid she’s been taken and I’m hoping that if she has and the person reads this they will feel guilty and bring her back.”

Mrs Dring said Cherry has escaped before, but always returned home or someone called to say she was there. She said: “We’ve rung round the vets and informed the dog warden as well as searched the river back and country lanes.

“Cherry has been microchipped and the people now living in the family’s previous home in Daniels Gate, Spalding, have been informed that she is missing.

“All we can do now is appeal to anyone who has information to get in touch.”

Anyone with information is asked to email dring711@btinternet.com