Lincolnshire Folk Tales

Lincolnshire Folk Tales has been published.
Lincolnshire Folk Tales has been published.
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An enchanting collection of tales and legends from the mysterious landscape of Lincolnshire has been compiled into a unique book.

Local stories handed down from one storyteller to the next across history have been retold by one of Britain’s top professional storytellers, Maureen James, in her new book, Lincolnshire Folk Tales.

The author has been telling historical stories to family audiences for the past ten years at historic/heritage sites and museums and is also a part-time writer and teacher.

She has unearthed a treasure trove of tales from the county’s enigmatic heritage and history.

Tales include the Black Dog, a mysterious canine that is rumoured to stalk the marshes each night; the Lincolnshire Imp, which haunts Lincoln Cathedral; as well as a strange array of witches, ghosts and dragons from across the entire county.

The book has been illustrated with a series of beautiful and previously unpublished drawings.

The book has been published by Paperback Original and costs £9.99, ISBN 9780752466408.