LETTER: We’re frustrated about lamp too

In response to Martin Smith’s letter last week – ‘Light on bridge does not work’, the Spalding & Peterborough Transport Forum has been ‘on the case’ for many months.

There is no lighting on the footbridge but the nearby lamp standard, if it worked, would provide light.

The lamp standard is owned by Lincolnshire County Council but on Network Rail (NR) land.

It can only be accessed by the council for maintenance and repair by seeking permission from NR.

The footbridge is a council public right of way well used as access for pedestrians to the town centre.

The fault has been identified as being at the top of the lamp standard. The council has ascertained that a heavy vehicle is needed for accessing the lamp standard.

The ground conditions are not stable enough to support such a vehicle.

The location and height are such that ladders or scaffolding are unacceptable.

The lamp bracket extends over the spiky security fencing which provides an additional hazard.

Thus there is no safe way to access, repair or maintain the lamp standard. The council see two options:

1 – NR to take over ownership of the lamp standard and maintain it.

2 – A safe method of working to be agreed between the council and NR to access the lamp standard and remove it. And then NR to provide their own light.

We have been pushing this shambles hard through our MP, and president, John Hayes.

David Hurdle

Spalding & Peterborough

Transport Forum