LETTER: Red Lion Quarter – right idea, wrong location

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I have no desire to holiday abroad and in the past couple of years have been fortunate enough to holiday in Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Each area I went to Evesham in Worcestershire and Ludlow in Shropshire – both have their own food court.

The main difference between those and the Red Lion Quarter is that they were “stand alone” and by that I mean they weren’t in the middle of town.

The one in Worcestershire is at Evesham Country Park. Lots of shops, similar to Springfields, but crucially there is a lot of parking.

Likewise in Ludlow, the Food Centre has a café and post office but again, lots of parking.

Where is the free parking for the Red Lion Quarter? At the local supermarkets.

If shoppers are expected to carry their bags of produce and meat that far, why not buy the produce there anyway?

Why is there a long row of cake decorating products there? Why are there lots of packets of expensive crisps there? Everything is cheaper at the supermarket and that’s where the shoppers are expected to park!

When I walked in to the Red Lion Quarter I was quite disappointed.

I didn’t expect a row of cookery books and gimmicky cushions.

I expected a full array of fresh meat, and it wasn’t there. The reason I suppose is because there are butchers in town and why take the trade away from local businesses.

I am afraid the idea is right, but the location is wrong.

Erica Wicks

Washway Road

Saracen’s Head