LETTER: Just what is Red Lion Quarter trying to achieve?

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I was amazed to see the front page in the Lincolnshire Free Press (July 5) about the Red Lion being ‘time up’ after three months as I had given it six months at the very least.

Although it was/is more hype than substance, I wished it well as the town needs something as a beacon that it was still alive.

At £6.5million, it’s an expensive (for taxpayers) white animal, large in size with forward pointing trunk as opposed to a Red Lion.

From the start, just what was it trying to achieve?

It’s not got the floor space to make it pay in the retail side unless you are selling diamond-studded back scratchers and similar to the well heeled, plus there are oh so many places in the area to eat in without another eatery within.

But the bit that gets me is the teaching department on the next floor – why would you need a teaching area in a high business rated town centre building when a similar site/building on an industrial estate or similar low cost area would fit the bill?

For the money slung at it, it’s not even got an imposing frontage – this was borne out on Flower Parade day when a visiting couple wandered by and inquired where they could find the Red Lion building complex.

They were mere yards away from it and had actually just walked past it.

Plus, in this day and age, with all the buildings and shops around the town centre being empty and having been for some time now, you cannot help but wonder if we are taking part in some surreal real-life game of Monopoly as we seem to range from the light entertainment values of Sustainable Spalding to this and just wonder why is it Spalding all the while?


Moulton Seas End