LETTER: I can’t even get free bags to clean up after litter louts

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In Stockhouse Lane, Surfleet, there is a little pull-in adjacent to the River Glen with a pleasant view of the river.

The week before the Jubilee weekend, when the Surfleet residents did an organised litter-pick in the village, John and I cleaned up part of Surfleet Cheal from the back of the Mermaid pub to the railway crossing, including this pull-in, which was littered with vodka bottles, cigarette packets and beer cans with foreign labels.

We left it immaculate, the sort of place a family might want to sit in their car and picnic.

Shortly afterwards, someone dumped a bag, presumably of packed lunch remains (there seem to be a lot of these littering the road verges these days); these have been added to ever since, transforming a pleasant spot to stop and enjoy the view of the river into an unsavoury no-go area.

John and I would willingly clear up this mess again; we are still proud of the area in which we live. We have our own high-viz jackets, gloves and litter-pickers.

However, the last time we asked South Holland District Council for extra black bags, we were told tersely by the receptionist that if we wanted extra to what was delivered twice a year, to “go and buy your own”.

Daphne Ledward-Hands

Seas End Road