Welcome home, you’ll just need to get rid of 14,000 Post-it notes now!

Sticky problem: Couple returned  to find their home covered in Post-it notes. Photo: Paul Stanley

Sticky problem: Couple returned to find their home covered in Post-it notes. Photo: Paul Stanley

A newlywed couple returned from honeymoon to find friends had completely plastered the inside of their home with 14,000 Post-it notes.

On opening their front door Jamie (34) and Emily Pharro (29) were met by a sea of yellow as the entire ground floor of their house had been covered in the sticky yellow notes.

Everything including the walls, sofas, television and even the inside of the kitchen cupboards and washing machine had been obscured with neat rows of Post-its.

The couple’s reaction to the prank was also filmed and posted on video sharing site You Tube and shows them laughing and exclaiming ‘Oh my God’ as they realise what’s happened.

Primary school teacher Mrs Pharro is also seen peeling one of the notes from her shoe and joking about how much they must have cost.

“Our living room has got glass panels in the door, so we could see as soon as we got 
inside what they’d done and then we saw the camera,” she said.

“The notes were all over the living room walls and everything – I do think that in a few weeks we’ll still be finding the odd one about!”

Mrs Pharro says friends had access to their home as they had left a key with one so they could feed their cats while they were away.

It took four people eight hours to complete the ‘redecoration’ project at the house in Holbeach while the couple were away on honeymoon in Lake Garda, Italy.

On their return it took the Pharros two-and-a-half hours to remove the Post-Its, which had also been used to cover their fireplace, kitchen table, pictures, wedding gifts and even the cards left on the mantelpiece.

Mrs Pharro admits she had an inkling they might be the subject of a joke after another couple in their circle of friends had their lounge filled with 3,000 balloons following their wedding last year.

“To be honest we quite expected to come home to something – our friends have a bit of a track record for this kind of thing,” she said.

“Some other friends got married secretly last year and their living room was filled with balloons as a surprise on their return.

“But there was no damage here – it was just a bit of harmless fun, but I don’t think any of our other friends will want to get married now!”




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