Wall may have saved my brother’s life

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A couple say a garden wall outside their home may have saved the life of a teenager sleeping in their living room.

An Audi and a Peugeot crashed on High Road, Moulton, and the Audi demolished the wall just two feet away from the room where the 19-year-old was on the sofa.

Catherine Amess (23) was upstairs in bed with her partner, Chris Skinner (30), while her brother, Mark Amess, was alone downstairs.

Chris said: “I was in bed when I heard a loud bang. I looked outside and my first thought was for Mark.”

Catherine said: “I didn’t believe Chris at first until I came down myself and I was in shock. If that wall wasn’t there, it (the Audi) could have come straight through my house and would have probably been parked in my living room.”

Mark said: “In my opinion it’s just lucky nobody’s dead.”

Catherine said: “It’s scary because I have got two young kids in the house.”

The couple have a daughter, Ellie (5) and a son, Kian (3).

Chris said: “I am just glad we weren’t out here taking the kids to school.

“I am just happy that nobody got injured badly. It could have been fatal.”

The cause of the crash is unknown. The driver of the Audi, a 30-year-old woman from Peterborough, went to hospital for minor injuries.

Police said the Peugeot driver, a 69-year-old man from Whaplode, did not need hospital treatment.

The crash happened at about 8am on Thursday and emergency services were called to the scene, close to High Road’s junction with River Lane.

Firefighters made both vehicles safe and police directed traffic for two hours as the A151 was reduced to a single carriageway while the vehicles were recovered.

The family are calling for a cut in the 50mph speed limit on High Road. There’s a bus stop opposite them but the speed and volume of traffic means it’s sometimes impossible to get across when Catherine is taking Ellie to school.

Catherine said: “It’s hard to cross the road. Sometimes we are missing buses as we can’t get across the road because of the oncoming traffic – the cars won’t let you cross.”

John Siddle, spokesman for Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “From the A16 to just beyond Whaplode, there have been seven serious injuries and seven slights in the last five years.

“Only one of these incidents was due to excessive speed whilst the others were a combination of factors, including a defective vehicle – the majority were ‘failing to look’, ‘loss of control’ or ‘looked but failed to see’.

“This road, which is used to get from the A17 to the heart of Spalding, has had extensive road improvements carried out and traffic calming measures put into place to help the flow of traffic and to minimise the danger that excessive speed can cause.”




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