‘Uncle Yeti’ loses locks for charity

Nigel Simm of West Pinchbeck before his hair cut for charity. ANL-140415-180258001

Nigel Simm of West Pinchbeck before his hair cut for charity. ANL-140415-180258001

A child with a rare brain condition led an RAF civilian worker from West Pinchbeck to have his first hair cut for 28 years.

“Ageing hippy” Nigel Simm (50) lost his locks at Knight Street Hair Salon, Pinchbeck, to raise money for the Koala Ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital where a former workmate’s daughter was treated for left encephalocele.

Sophie Reay (2) from Luton was born with the brain condition which affects nearly two in 10,000 babies in the UK, according to research by the University of Ulster.

Sheila Simm (57), wife of Nigel who works at RAF Wittering, near Stamford, said: “Nigel is an ageing hippy who liked having his hair long.

“His nickname in our family was Uncle Yeti, but one day he decided to bite the bullet and get a hair cut for his 50th birthday. One of his workmates told him to get his hair cut for Sophie’s charity and we invited his mum and dad down, although we didn’t tell them what Nigel had planned to do.

“He was a bit nervous in the days leading up to the hair cut, but it had to be done and even though one of the things that attracted me to Nigel was his long hair, he hasn’t lost his allure.”

So far, more than £1,000 has been raised for the Koala Ward at the world-famous children’s hospital in London and more donations are expected in the coming days.

Sheila said: “Up until the time Nigel had his hair cut, we’d raised about £1,030.

“But when we put some pictures up online, more people started to donate and we’re going to leave it open for donations.

“Nigel’s grandson said that he looked funny because he’d only ever known him having long hair and the guys at work were a bit surprised at first when they saw Nigel with his hair cut. But then they rallied round and dipped into their pockets for the charity.

Nikki Marsh of Knight Street Hair Salon, said: “We do come across people who go a long time without a hair cut, so it wasn’t a surprise when Nigel told us he hadn’t had one for 28 years.”

“I’d met his wife before so we were quite happy to cut it, but even more happy to do it being as it was for charity.”

If you wish to donate, go to http://www.justgiving.ch/seffundraiser




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