Transported’s Burntwater event brings town together

Burntwater evening performance on river bank, Commercial Rd Spalding ANL-140308-095032009

Burntwater evening performance on river bank, Commercial Rd Spalding ANL-140308-095032009

Crowds gathered in Spalding to view special open-air theatre performances focusing on the fens.

Hundreds of people headed to Twin Bridges in the town to witness the exciting finale of Transported’s Burntwater Saturday events, with many also turning out to watch the other performances by Tangled Feet throughout the weekend.

The performances featured a combination of circus skills, music, water and fire to tell a story of a group of characters ‘looking for a way home’.

The performance started at Springfields on Saturday morning, when the characters arrived and began to tell their stories and trade their wares.

The performance was scheduled to involve a forge at Spalding Market Place and Chain Bridge Forge but came up against problems with health and safety, so was limited to a walkabout from the characters on stilts.

Ian Warden, event co-ordinator, said: “Obviously with the scale of our performances and the variety of different venues we were always going to come up against difficulties, but we like to see them as challenges and think carefully about how we can manage them.”

However, the performance was still a success and was later followed by a spectacular finale at Twin Bridges.

Crowds gathered and were able to witness a spectacular show featuring performers dancing with fire, pyrotechnics and live music.

On Sunday, crowds were able to enjoy picnics in the sunshine at Ayscoughfee Hall and Gardens, whilst celebrating the memories of Spalding.

The event featured may pole dancing, live music, ‘whispering trees’, re-telling memories of our area and theatre performances.

As part of the performance, memories from residents in the area written on scrolls were floated into the pond in the gardens, with some also hung out for people to read and relate to.

Memories included collecting samphire at the Wash and the fields of tulips and our flower festivals.

Ian said: “The whole thing went extremely well and we were totally delighted with it.

“We had a great, great turnout and the shows were a real spectacle for everyone to see.

“Everyone really got into the spirit of things and we would definitely like to do something like this again.”

Transported bikes, which have been a regular site on the streets of Spalding, had to be removed over the weekend by the group after problems with their locations.

The bikes were put in place to advertise the Burntwater event but the group say they served their purpose.

Ian added said: “We were advised that we needed to remove them because of restrictions in the areas where they had been placed and we were happy to oblige.

“Obviously, the council has an obligation to ensure public safety which is what they were doing, and of course we want to entertain the public too.

“The Highways Agency have been extremely obliging and accommodating to everything that we have wanted to do.”




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