Police chief suspended over ‘potential conduct matters’

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BREAKING NEWS TUESDAY 11.15AM: Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Neil Rhodes has been suspended from duty today over “potential conduct matters.”

The decision was made by the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Alan Hardwick and a statement from his office confirmed that Mr Rhodes had been suspended while investigations into the matters are being considered.

It also confirmed that Mr Hardwick took the decision after consulting the Independent Police Complaints Commission, although no improper conduct by Mr Rhodes has yet been proven.

Deputy Chief Constable Alec Wood has been made Acting Chief Constable with immediate effect.

The statement read: “The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire has been made aware of potential conduct matters involving the Temporary Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, Neil Rhodes.

“The Commissioner can confirm that Mr Rhodes has been suspended from duty while investigations are being considered.

“It should be emphasised that suspension is a neutral act and it should not be inferred from the decision to suspend that the potential conduct matters have been proven.

“Following consultation with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the matter in question have been referred to them.”

Mr Rhodes became Chief Constable after the retirement of his predecessor Richard Crompton in March 2012 and the appointment was due to be reviewed next month.

It is the first major decision made by Mr Hardwick since his Police and Crime Plan for Lincolnshire was approved at a public meeting three weeks ago.

A spokesman for the PCC’s office said Mr Hardwick would not be making any further comment today.

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