Lorry crashes into restaurant in Bank Holiday nightmare

Abdul Salam (front) and staff at Spice Cottage Indian restaurant, Whaplode, survey the damage caused by a lorry crash on Monday.

Abdul Salam (front) and staff at Spice Cottage Indian restaurant, Whaplode, survey the damage caused by a lorry crash on Monday.

The owners of a Whaplode restaurant are counting the cost after an articulated lorry left the road and crashed into it on Bank Holiday Monday.

Staff at the Spice Cottage Indian restaurant in High Road were watching football on TV when the lorry careered into the side of the building at about 9pm.

A 69-year-old man who was driving the lorry from Sutton Bridge to Spalding was taken to Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, with a grazed leg.

Restaurant manager Rumel Miah said: “All the customers had gone so we were watching Manchester City and Liverpool on TV.

“Then the lorry came across the road and suddenly the lorry came across the road and crashed into the building.

“We heard a big sound like a bang and found one side of the building was badly damaged.

“Luckily, all of us were safe but the building is a very dangerous area at the moment and we don’t know when we’ll be able to open again.”

Police closed a section of High Road for about seven-and-a-half hours as firefighters from Holbeach, Spalding and Grantham used equipment normally saved for earthquakes to make the building safe.

Mr Miah said: “We’ve been running the restaurant for nearly four years and nothing like this has ever happened before.

“We couldn’t watch the football match after the lorry went into the building and we were asking each other ‘what do we do?’

“We’re trying to find out everything from the insurance company and building maintenance people, but we couldn’t open the restaurant on Tuesday because of the damage to it.”

Tracey Lewis, who witnessed the crash, said: “I was behind the lorry and called the emergency services, but everybody was very lucky.

“The lorry stopped metres from a house with a young family in it, but luckily nobody was hurt.”

The crash also left a water pipe badly damaged and needing repairs by Anglian Water engineers.

The lorry driver works for Hilton Distribution of Baston whose managing director Philip Hilton said: “The driver was doing his normal run from Sutton Bridge to Spalding and the last thing he remembers about the accident was coming into Whaplode.

“There’s a speed limit there and there was no question at all of speeding because the driver was on a tracker which said 27mph.

“He was taken into hospital and found to have very low pressure.

“But he had a bit of a heart attack whilst in the hospital and he’s still there under observation.

“No other vehicle was involved as far as we can ascertain and thank the Lord there was nobody sitting in the restaurant where the lorry went into it.”




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