Lightning strikes homes

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Fire crews were called out to homes in Spalding and Bourne yesterday after lightning strikes hit their roofs.

A house in Stonegate, Spalding, was struck shortly after 5pm – tiles were blown off the roof, which had to be covered by a tarpaulin. Four men were inside the house at the time, but escaped unharmed.

Neighbours said the roof “exploded” and tiles were shot 30ft to 40ft away.

Nearby homes were left without electricity for a time and many are still without phones today.

Police sealed off the road as fire crews worked to make the house safe.

There was fire damage to the loft space at a derelict house in Tunnel Bank, Bourne, following a lightning strike shortly after 4pm.

The property is being renovated and is owned by Tunnel Bank Farm.

Farm manager Giles Rawlings (33), who lives next door but one, called firefighters after seeing smoke coming from the roof.

He said: “It’s lucky it wasn’t us. But talking to the fire brigade there were quite a few strikes.

“The fire was just in the roof space. It didn’t get through to the upstairs.”

Fire crews dealt with three incidents arising from lightning strikes.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue also received 34 calls regarding flooding and attended 25 of those incidents.

Flash floods were reported in Bourne and The Deepings.




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