How can you treat my Zak like this?

Five-year-old Zak Holmes of Spalding waits to be seen at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

Five-year-old Zak Holmes of Spalding waits to be seen at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

A pregnant mum from Spalding is boycotting Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, after her injured five-year-old son spent about seven hours there without being offered a bed.

Julie Holmes, of Royce Road, has vowed in future to ask ambulance drivers to take her and her children to hospitals in Lincoln or Peterborough after claiming her son Zak was left to sleep on a broken chair at Pilgrim for about three and a half hours on Friday, May 2.

The angry mum, who is expecting another child in about four weeks’ time, also claimed she had to wait with Zak for three hours before hospital staff gave her a chair to sit on.

They were eventually taken to Lincoln County Hospital where Zak was given a bed and treated for head and genital injuries after falling down at their home in Spalding.

Julie said: “Zak had woken up to go to the toilet, but then he fell to the floor and hurt himself. I rang for a taxi to take him to Pilgrim Hospital because I thought ambulances would be busy on Friday nights.

“I took Zak to accident and emergency where staff were going to take him to the children’s ward, but they couldn’t get through.

“He was meant to be a priority case, but we were left in a waiting room where Zak was left to sleep on a broken chair for three and a half hours.

“I was 35-weeks pregnant, but I didn’t have a seat for three and a half hours and eventually my feet was swollen because I was squatting down on the floor.

“It got to the point where my feet were killing me, so I had to ask quite forcibly for a chair because I was angry, upset and in pain. I also complained that my son was sleeping in a broken chair.”

Julia claimed that Zak was eventually moved into a relatives’ room for another 90 minutes where the family of an 18-year-old man on life support after a serious assault were being supported by police.

“There was also a drunk person at the hospital who was shouting at a nurse and Zak asked me if they were going to kill us,” Julia said.

“I think the treatment Zak received from the hospital was unfair, inappropriate and wrong because at the time it happened, my son should have been in a bed.

“For a five-year-old child, hospitals are about doctors and nurses, not police, and this is something that’s going to stay with him forever. It would be nice for Pilgrim Hospital to acknowledge they have done wrong by my son, but I can’t possibly imagine having an apology from them. So if I have to get an ambulance again, I’ll insist that the drivers go to a different hospital.”

A statement from the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust read: ““We are sorry to hear that Miss Holmes was unhappy with the care her son received. We cannot discuss individual patient cases but would encourage Miss Holmes to contact the Trust directly so that her concerns can be fully investigated.

“Any issues relating to quality of care for our patients are taken very seriously and we are continuously striving to improve our services.”




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