Hoover is still ‘dust the job’ after 80 years

80 year old Bernard Storey from Holbeach, who still has his mother's old Hoover which was brought for her in 1936 and still works.

80 year old Bernard Storey from Holbeach, who still has his mother's old Hoover which was brought for her in 1936 and still works.

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A grandfather is still cleaning his carpets with an 80-YEAR-OLD vacuum cleaner – which has NEVER been repaired.

Bernard Storey (82) still uses the Hoover 825, which rolled off the production line in 1936.

The Hoover previously belonged to his mother Emma, who was given it by the lady she used to clean for.

Mr Storey, a former fireman and RAF serviceman, stumbled across the machine when he was cleaning out his workshop and was going to get rid of it until he discovered it still worked.

Now he hoovers with the ancient machine, which was built in the same year Edward VIII abdicated to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson and Margaret Mitchell’s American classic Gone With the Wind was published.

It was also the year of the Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany and the first live television coverage of a sports event in world history.

“My mother was given this Hoover by the lady she used to clean for,” said Mr Storey, who lives in Holbeach.

“She got a newer model and gave my mother this one. She always used it up until she had a stroke and went into hospital; she never had another. My brother threw it out when she died, and I rescued it.”

Apart from a few patches on the dust bag, Mr Storey believes the machine has never been repaired.

The Hoover 825 would have cost around £25 when it was new – the equivalent of around £1,200 to £1,500 in today’s money.

The upright silver and grey model was quite advanced for its day and boasts an adjustable handle with three positions, two speeds – with a lower setting for cleaning flexible, small lightweight rugs – as well as a light and a hose with attachments.

It also has an Aromador, which, with the twist of a valve knob, releases a “pleasing smell” to mask cooking and stale odours.

Mr Storey, who does all the cleaning at the home he shares with wife Beryl (80), admits he still prefers his Dyson DC24i for most of the cleaning as the 825 is very heavy.

“You’d have quite a job using it all the time I think, though, because of the weight, but the suction is good,” he added.

“It’s certainly as good as anything you could buy today. I think it was one of the top models of its day – mother never used anything else.

“I am surprised it still goes – they don’t make things like they used to.”

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