GCSE stars of Sir John Gleed bring hope for future

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Stars of Sir John Gleed School in Spalding were shining bright today, with several students bucking the national GCSE trend and achieving As in English.

Ellie Doubleday (16) of Spalding was one of the high achievers - with 10A*, 3Bs and 3Cs. Now she has her sights set on college and university and a career in performing arts.

She said: “I’ve been very nervous, but I’m very excited now. The last two years with the new course has been very hard. I never thought I’d do so well, but I’m really happy.”

Nationally, this year’s results show a slight rise in A* to C grades, but a sharp fall in English grades. The tougher syllabus without the inclusion of course work was always going to be challenging for the school which is fighting its way out of special measures.

But today the focus was on success and the hard work teachers and students had done to achieve the best results they could.

Headteacher Will Scott, in the school foyer to welcome the nervous students, was especially emotional. He said: “Today is a great day for our kids. Many of our students did extremely well and achieved what they hoped they would get.

“However, we are hugely disappointed for some of the students in Year 11 who have worked so hard over the last two years because many of them have missed out on a C grade by just one or two marks, especially in English.

“We were alerted by Ofqual to expect turbulence in results at school level and it looks as though we are one of the many schools that has seen a negative impact following the many changes to the exam specifications that were introduced this year.

“We will obviously need to analyse the pattern of these results carefully before deciding what, if any, action we need to take as a school in the light of the emerging picture from across the region and the country.

“But there is a lot for our teachers and students to be proud of and we will be celebrating with them.”

High achievers include:

Joshua Baldwin(Headboy) – 4xA*/ 1xA/ 2xB/5xC

Sophie Rodgers (Headgirl) – 7xA*/ 3xA/ 3XB

Ellie Doubleday – 10A*/3B/3C

Raith Else – 4A*/1A/4B/2C

Alicia Gornall – 4A*/ 1A/ 4B/2C

Owen Halsey – 4A*/ 3A/2B/5C

Mollie Howitt – 8A*/ 1A/1B

Robert Hulley – 3A/ 4B/ 1C

Rebecca Loveridge – 4A*/ 3A/ 3B

Joshua Robinson Greem – 1A*/ 3A/6B




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