Couple save festive flower deliveries

Good deed couple Trish and Dougie Burgess, Holbeach

Good deed couple Trish and Dougie Burgess, Holbeach

A Holbeach couple saved Christmas for residents who “say it with flowers” when they helped a frantic Spanish lorry driver make his delivery of carnations.

Trish and Dougie Burgess had taken the “scenic route” home from Crowland last Saturday to avoid heavy traffic on the A16, only to find a back road had been blocked by a large articulated lorry.

As they slowly approached the lorry, they noticed the Spanish registration plates. Award-winning online Mum’s Gone To... blog writer Trish wrote: “There was a rather agitated chap urging us to stop.

“In hindsight, it’s a wonder our first thoughts weren’t of impending doom, becoming victims of some clever ruse to get us out of the car so he could rob us of our little bag of change we keep in the glove compartment for car park machines.

“This didn’t cross my mind. Instead, Dougie wound down the window. ‘Finlay Flowers?’ asked the Spanish lorry driver as his mate proceeded to wave through other drivers so they could go on their merry way.

“Neither of us had heard of Finlay Flowers. ‘Stonegate?’ he asked. ‘Yes, this is Stonegate’, Dougie said.

The lorry driver then tried to tell the couple which village he was looking for with Trish finally guessing Weston.

She said: “I told him this is Cowbit, not Weston, and asked if he had an invoice or delivery note in that slow, exaggerated way we Brits employ when speaking to foreigners.”

The flower delivery man rushed back to the cab and returned with a pink delivery note. Finlay Flowers was in Stonegate, Weston – a different village entirely, some ten to 15 minutes away.

Trish said: “Thankfully, due to many years of travelling the back roads visiting patients, GP Dougie knew exactly where Stonegate was and announced ‘Follow me!’

“At Finlay Flowers, as one of the chaps took the delivery note to the security guard operating the barrier, our friend came over to the car.

“Dougie jumped out of the car and much manly hand-shaking and arm-squeezing ensued, with relieved and joyous exclamations of ‘Happy Christmas’ from our new Spanish amigo.”

A spokesman for the Finlays group – which supplies major supermarkets and produces over 450 million stems per annum for the UK – confirmed the delivery contained flowers for Christmas bouquets.

She said: “The lorry came from a supplier in Murcia, Spain. We are very grateful to the couple for helping the driver make his Christmas delivery.”




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