Last push to get Spalding blooming for judges

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Volunteers and local councillors have been out in force to help clean up Spalding for tomorrow’s East Midlands In Bloom bid.

Groups of young people took part in a big clean up around the town, as part of their National Citizen Service work, along with three councillors - Roger Gambba-Jones, Christine Lawton and Liz Sneath from South Holland District Council.

Coun Angela Newton, chairman of Spalding In Bloom, was there to offer words of encouragement as she is recovering from an hip operation.

Three teams, directed by Jan Whitbourn of Tulip Radio and made up of the youngsters and councillors, worked on different areas of the town - Vine Street, outside the Halifax bank, the Pied Calf courtyard and beside the River Welland, where they dug up weeds, picked up litter and did some raking in the unbelievable heat and blistering sunshine.

At one point, a group of volunteers even began to remove litter from within the river where Spalding water taxi has also been helping to clear rubbish away.

Counn Sneath said: “It is so easy and it is so important to do this.

“It’s incredible what a difference a few hours of work make and it is lovely to be out in the town doing this.

“I hope that people will see this and that it will encourage them to think twice about dropping cigarettes or needles around town.”

Amy Banks (18), one of the volunteers and a National Citizen Service co-ordinator, said: “It’s not very nice to see so much rubbish around the town.

“It just shows that people don’t care, but I do have some pride in where I live and I think that’s really important.”

The young volunteers were keen to point out that the mess isn’t always caused by teens. Rhianna Berry said: “We want to prove to adults that we can look after our own town.

“Teenagers aren’t that bad - today, for example, there’s mainly young people here volunteering to clean up.

“I’ve lived in Spalding for a long time and I remember when this town was beautiful.

“Now I want to help to make this place a safer and nicer community to live in, by doing things like this.”

You can help by making the town litter and weed free for tomorrow’s judging. Good luck everyone!