Last bid to protect the county sausage

Backing the banger!
Backing the banger!
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A SPALDING butchers is backing the appeal to protect the Lincolnshire Sausage.

Lincolnshire Sausage Association lodged its appeal against the decision by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) not to give the county banger Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in time for Friday’s deadline.

The cost of the appeal will be met by the association – and fundraising towards it has started at Geo Adams and Sons Ltd in Spalding.

Director Mary Adams is a member of the association and has been actively involved in the appeal. She said: “As a butchers we have been making Lincolnshire sausages since 1910.

“Protecting the sausage is important for us and every butchers in the UK. Polls show the public believes the Lincolnshire sausage should be made in Lincolnshire.

“If they think this, and the butchers agree, we think Defra should too.”

Winning the appeal would mean the sage sizzler could only be made within the county by local butchers and to a set recipe.

Defra said last month that the sausage did not have a strong enough connection with the county to warrant the PGI status because 95 per cent of them were made outside the boundaries. It also feared too many jobs would be affected as the sausage is made by producers up and down the country.

The LSA lodged its appeal on the grounds that only six companies outside of the county produce their own Lincolnshire sausage, which campaigners say only forms a small amount of their operations.

Mary said: “We’ve basically put in a counter-argument to their reasons for refusal. The figures about 95 per cent of sausages being made outside of Lincolnshire referred to pre-packed sausages and most of the ones made here are made and displayed by butchers.”

A petition circulated by the LSA has gathered more than 1,000 signatures in support for the sausage.

The sausage raffle is being held in Geo Adams shop in The Crescent. Tickets are £1 each to be in with a chance to win 2.2kg of sausage. Local people can also support the appeal by visiting