karate club helps chop yob antics

THE presence of a karate club ensured a park concert ended on a high note.

Holbeach Town Band was plagued by yobs at its last concert in Carters Park who threw bottles and stones as it played.

But last Sunday six Long Sutton Karate Club members were on hand to act as a visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers.

The martial arts experts volunteered to help out on the day because member Jackie Linge is a drummer in the band.

Dressed in dark clothes, they kept a watchful eye on the situation.

Although there were youths in the park on Sunday, there was no trouble and the karate clubs presence was hailed a success.

The club has now volunteered to man future concerts whenever possible to prevent further attacks.

Musical director Mel Hopkin said: "We had the benefit of the karate club members who were on hand to protect the band and our audience.

"The club was a deterrent and may well have been the reason why there was no trouble. We were very grateful to them for protecting us on Sunday."

Insp Tony Smith, of Spalding police, said: "Public order issues are the responsibility of the police.

"While Im not in favour of vigilantes, if members of the community wish to help out other members of the community, thats fine. It was all in good spirit with friends helping each other out."

Sundays concert was the last of this season but the band will be back in Carters Park in June next year.

Mr Hopkin said: "We had a good audience and it was an enjoyable afternoon. We are hoping the club will come along again to future concerts."