Job seekers to get free rides

Free rides: Help for the jobless.
Free rides: Help for the jobless.
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South Holland’s job seekers will get free rides this month from the county’s on-demand bus service, CallConnect.

Bus operators across the country have signed up to the Greener Journeys campaign to help people who are out of work and make it far easier for them to attend job interviews.

And the county council’s CallConnect service has leapt on board the scheme to help jobless people criss-cross Lincolnshire until the end of January without paying a penny.

Lincolnshire County Council public transport strategy and development manager, Anna Ruffle, said: “We know that travelling around huge, rural Lincolnshire can often bring challenges, which is why we have been running the hugely successful, on-demand CallConnect service for the past 11 years.

“We’re going to start 2013 off by joining the national campaign, helping the unemployed with free journeys – it may even take you to an interview anywhere in the county and help land you that job,

“Anyone who has been out of work for between three months and a year will qualify for the trips.

“All they need to do is to present their Jobcentre Plus travel card.”

To book a journey with CallConnect you can:

• Telephone 0845 2343344

• Visit

• Text CallConnect to 82727