‘It’s time to sort our roads now’

Removal of some traffic lights in Spalding could ease traffic flow, according to the Town Forum.
Removal of some traffic lights in Spalding could ease traffic flow, according to the Town Forum.
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A call for immediate action to improve the traffic flow in Spalding has been made to the project leader of the transport strategy for the whole district.

Councillors met for a special meeting of the Town Forum on Thursday to tell Lincolnshire County Council’s Jonathan Wickham it is time to get moving on plans to alleviate current problems, especially in the light of more freight travelling along the area’s rail network once the £280 million line upgrade is complete.

Coun George Aley said: “We are not talking about having to spend a lot of money, but there are little tweaks that could be done now that could make a tremendous amount of difference.

“For instance, there are traffic lights in Winsover Road which were put there before the post office moved further down the road that could be removed altogether now.

“If a mini roundabout replaced the lights at the end of the road where you turn to Sainsbury’s that would help the flow, too.

“Something similar was done in Boston and it made a huge difference.

“The county council’s transport strategy is long-term and covers the period up to 2036, but the infrastructure we have didn’t take into account the development that is taking place in the town and the influx of migrants who drive cars.”

Transport minister and local MP John Hayes said he would be happy to support the Town Forum’s bid to improve traffic flow in the town.

He said: “By coincidence, I met with some representatives of the area’s food industry who are enjoying renewed success last week in Downing Street to discuss the infrastructure of the district, because this is a subject concerning them.

“But I’d be very happy to endorse the views that what changes can be made now should be made. The county council needs to do what it can to the existing network to help improve traffic flow.

”There is, of course, always the possibility of major road schemes in the future.”

Mr Wickham said after the Town Forum meeting: “Attending the town forum was part of the county council’s local engagement before adopting the transport strategy and the views expressed will feed into the final strategy.”

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