It’s OK to like reality TV

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The latest news from our girl about town.

Angel would like to reassure everyone that it is totally okay to admit you watch reality TV shows such as “I’m A Celebrity (Get Me Out Of Here!)” and The X Factor.

When joining in conversations about such programmes, you do not need to start by saying: “I don’t usually watch that type of programme but...”

There’s nothing wrong with liking them. They are made for and enjoyed by the masses.

While many were cowering against the nasty weather last Thursday,one woman Angel was chatting to viewed the bad weather as an opportunity.

As soon as she heard the fire brigade were chopping up a fallen tree in Long Sutton she sent her husband along to see if he could get any supplies for the wood burner.

n A little bit of what you fancy does you good is a saying close to Angel’s heart and with this in mind she made a trip to McDonalds in Long Sutton on Sunday afternoon.

When she got out of her car she was surprised to see a rather large chicken in the car park.

Is this taking fresh food to a whole new level?! Certainly put thoughts of a McChicken Sandwich to the back of her mind and she settled on the Festive Feast meal.

Buying herself a few daffodils from the Saturday market in Spalding, Angel discovered they had been forced in greenhouses in Cornwall, but was cheered to learn that local daffs should be on sale on the market before Christmas.

On the same shopping trip, Angel watched some Morris Men waving white handkerchiefs about and idly wondered what our Eastern European friends made of that particular custom...

If you haven’t been into Spalding after dark in recent days Angel suggests you make a special visit. The Christmas lights in the town centre look lovely. Well done to everyone involved in decorating our town so beautifully this year.

A very special three-year-old made Angel laugh last week when she was asked what Santa is bringing her for Christmas.

“Lalaloopsy”, was the little girl’s response, quickly followed up with: “Santa is deciding if she’s right for me.”

Angel felt right at home surrounded by all the little ones in white frocks and tinsel halos when she attended a village primary school’s take on the Nativity.

The Key Stage One children did an excellent job, even when there was a slight technical fault and the music they were singing along to went on the blink. In true stage tradition the show just went on.

But perhaps the cutest moment was when one of the little “actors” decided he needed a wee just as it came to his turn in the spotlight. Luckily he was back just in time.