‘It’s a bit close to your doorstep’ says resident

Sutton Bridge incident
Sutton Bridge incident
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Villagers in Sutton Bridge have said they never knew Lincolnshire police had so many officers the day they swooped on the location.

The exact details of how the incident became a full-scale police operation have not been revealed.

Armed seige at Sutton Bridge'Armed officers outside the house ANL-140423-124029001

Armed seige at Sutton Bridge'Armed officers outside the house ANL-140423-124029001

But there was always going to be concern for officers’ and the public safety following an incident in Sutton St James in 2012, where a policeman was shot.

After ten hours at the scene police said the incident had been resolved and officers and staff had left the scene in Withington Street.

A spokesman said: “We were initially called to a domestic incident where threats of serious violence had allegedly been made against people who had earlier been in a house on the street.

“Our enquires so far have established that the situation was not as first reported and this has resulted in the downgrading of our resources in the area.

“Further enquiries into all the circumstances will continue.”

Witnesses had claimed seeing a “half-naked girl in a field who was taken away by police”.

Our reporter at the scene, Adele Norris, said at one point a group of people gathered by the edge of a field nearby, waving a bed sheet calling for the police to ‘Free Mr Saint!’.

They were also dispersed by police within five minutes of starting the protest.

Mrs Jones, of Stanley Drive, said: “I walk my dogs down here every morning.

“All I saw was the police cars at the top of the street.

Denise Mouliding lives in Granville Terrace which runs adjacent to Withington Street.

She said: “I didn’t see or hear anything until I came down here today.

“It’s a bit scary really.”

Doreen Grimwood, wife of parish council chairman John, lives at the other end of Withington Street.

She said: “Someone in the Co-op said they never knew there were so many police in Lincolnshire. I was told it was an armed siege. It’s a bit close to your doorstep.”

Police wish to thank residents of the for their patience during the incident.

A spokesman said: “From the information we received in the first instance it was appropriate that we treated the incident very seriously.

“Our main aim was to ensure the safety of those involved and that of the wider public.”