Is this ugliest wall in town? Let’s change it!

The infamous wall
The infamous wall
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The Spalding Guardian is supporting South Holland District Council’s new get-tough policy on the area’s eyesores, with sights now set on a new area for change.

Having recently seen the beautiful changes local arts group Transported made to simple, dull bus shelters across South Holland a few weeks ago, we thought they would be the perfect people to help us with our latest eyesore.

Coun Roger Gammba-Jones, amongst others, pointed out that the wall of the first floor of the building in which Superdrug is in Spalding could do with a bit of sprucing up.

Coun Gammba-Jones said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone painted something like a mural there to brighten it 

Transported suggested that the best way for this to happen, is for local people to nominate the building as part of their On Your Doorstep campaign, which allows areas to be nominated and then, hopefully, transformed by the group into a work of art.

Lauren Williams, arts engagement worker at Transported, said: “If anyone local would like to nominate this building, or any other space, they should visit our website and fill in a form under the On Your Doorstep section – the closing date for entries is October 15.

“As we are a funded group, we must show evidence to suggest that these spaces are in need of some work before we can look into them properly.”

Coun Gammba-Jones said: “I think it is a brilliant idea to do something to the wall.

“I hope for a very positive reaction to the idea from the managers at Superdrug and the owner of the building itself.

“I can’t see why they would not want to improve what is at best bland and at worst an ugly spot in a very prominent area of the town.”

We have contacted Superdrug’s regional portfolio holder for this area and talks are currently ongoing as to whether or not we can work to transform one of Spalding’s least attractive walls into something spectacular.